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    We Simplify
    Building Design & Development
    With a Dedicated Network of Professionals who Plan & Develop the Built Environment
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    We Supply
    Business Opportunities
    Then we Take it One Step Further
    By Providing Relevant News & Analysis, Saving you Time & Money
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    We Identify
    Contractors & Consultants
    Allowing You to Assemble the Ideal Team at the Best Available Price
  • Find Opportunities

    Search for Development Projects, Consulting, and Contracting Opportunities and RFP's by Industry, Location, Certification Requirements, and Services Seeked.

  • Be Informed

    Get relevant News, Demographics, Planning Documents, Tax Incentives, and Regulations for Regions across the U.S. & Canada to maximize your bid value.

  • Find Partners

    Identify and Qualify Partners by Services Provided, Professional Memberships & Certifications, Primary Working Geographic Locations, and Disadvantages Business Enterprise Status.

  • Manage with Ease

    Easily Manage Communication & Coordination with Existing & Potential Consultants & Contractors.

A Dedicated Network For Real Estate Design & Development

These are our primarily targeted industries...But we leave the limits up to you.


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You no longer need to...

- Cope with sporadic e-mail chains to keep everyone informed

- Take "shots-in-the-dark" with professional service firms in an unfamiliar/new location

- Wonder who is viewing and downloading your opportunities


Post Opportunities & Analyze Partners

  • market_rfp


    Your Opportunity

    Upload documents and set basic information.

  • find_contractors


    Existing & New Contacts

    Upload your contacts by email, and browse our directory for firms that fit. Evaluate firms by project history and past partners.

  • mwbe_compliance



    Facilitate all Q&A. Gauge feedback with tracked opportunity interaction. Make amendments to reflect changing conditions. Automatic notifications for everything and everyone.

  • award _bid


    On the proposal

    After all the proposals are in, decide which provides the best value.


Your opportunities can remain public to allow access to all users, or be private where ONLY the firms you invite have access.
We provide M/WBE and FOIL reciepts of all interactions involving opportunities upon request.


You no longer need to...

- Google search aimlessly

- Visit countless government websites

- Sift through irrelevant solicitations for goods & labor on database websites

- Spend time analyzing potential contracting opportunities and partners


Find & Analyze Opportunities

  • find_contracting_opportunities


    Relevant Opportunities

    Browse our map and filter by Industry, Location, Certification Requirements, Timeline, and Services Seeked.

  • analyze_contracting_opportunities


    A Promising Opportunity

    Instantly view relevant Tax Incentives, Regulations, Planning Documents, Demographics, Local News, and Zoning.

  • track_contracting_opportunities


    Updates on an Opportunity

    Get notifications when an opportunity you are interested in is Amended, a Question is Answered, or is Ending Soon.

  • find_subcontractors


    A Team

    Find professional service firms to partner with. Post on Cartefi to advertise sub-contracting opportunities. Evaluate partners by their profile and past projects.

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Technology Meets Professional Service Contracting

Use Cartefi as your "One-Stop Shop" for Professional Services related to Real Estate Development.

  • Automated Notifications & E-mails

    Know who views and downloads your opportunities and when.
    Get notified when questions are asked and answered.

  • Customize Your Cartefeed

    Take full control of your informational portal. Only see what you want and need. No clutter.

  • Go Paperless Securely

    Facilitate all communication electronically including the exchange of documents over our secure 256-bit encrypted connections.

  • Only Make One Stop

    Research, Analyze, and Communicate all in one place.

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The Cartefi Team

  • CEO
    Richard Rogers
    Founder / CEO
  • COO
    Julian Anjorin
    Co-Founder / COO
  • CTO
    Mitch Skomra
    Co-Founder / CTO
  • CFO
    Andrew Klajbor
    Co-Founder / CFO
  • Manager
    Jake Walsh
    Account Manager
  • Our Philosophy

    Increasing transparency and competition for public professional service contracting is beneficial to local economies. Centralizing communication, information, and coordination for those who build our communities leads to better cities, towns, and villages.

  • Our Mission

    To Streamline Professional Service Contracting Pertaining to Real Estate Development.

  • Our Business

    We are here to help our users benefit communities. We listen, evaluate, and implement according to you. Work with us to build thriving, efficient, and valuable communities.

Welcome to Our One-Stop Shop